Friday, February 1, 2013

Rudolph Laslo Chiki Jr.

When remembering Rudy, there are many words that could be written.  None of them quite capture the essence of his spirit better than those of his family and friends.

From Carol Tracy
Rudy, how will I ever find all the little things in this house, that only you know where they are.  I’m not real fond of the garbage & recycle detail, and now I understand why you helped me pick out that new handy dandy Little Giant ladder for the upcoming house projects, so I would be safe.  You poor thing, how many times did you come home to find me in over my head with yet another home project “vision”, and had to dig me out of my mess and help me finish it.  My home improvement skills never quite matched up with my visions, but you would still let me dream, and would break it to me gently that we couldn’t quite do it that way.  I see all your hard work everywhere I look in our home, right down to the beautiful backsplash in the kitchen, which would be your last project.  You loved being a Dad and you were an excellent Dad to our 3 children, giving them someone to look up to for guidance and love.  You were also an excellent PopPop to your 4 beautiful grandchildren.  We will tell them, always how much you loved playing with them.  Thank you my Love, for 25-1/2 years of wonderful memories.  I’ll cherish every one of them, and they will sustain me until we meet again.  I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

From Ilde Moran
He loved the family.  He adored both his children and grandchildren.  I enjoyed every time I got to go on a car ride with him.  He would always give me his wisdom as I grew up.

From: Janet and Jim Johnson
Rudy was not only our brother-in-law, but a great friend. He loved and adored my sister Carol, was a wonderful father to his children and adored playing with his four grandchildren. He was always willing to help. We remember when he came to help us secure a tarp over our leaky roof after one of our nasty Florida thunderstorms. He enjoyed getting together with us and the rest of the hometown friends from Phillipsburg, NJ who live in the Orlando area. Years ago, when Rudy was in the embroidery business, our group decided we should have shirts with a hometown logo. We wanted to wear them on occasions when we all got together. One of the group and Rudy came up with the idea and Rudy designed it to embroider on the shirts. The P- and a hamburger design, P’burg (short for Phillipsburg) shirts were born. We proudly wore them at our get-togethers. His embroidery designs were beautiful. He was so creative in bringing them to life. We were so fortunate to have him as a member of our family and he will be greatly missed.

From Margo Lisi
Rudy was one of our favorite people in Florida!  He never said an unkind word about anyone!  I especially loved how he called everyone “Bud”, even lizards were “Little Buddies!”

From Greg Lisi
I always tried to start a (semi) serious conversation with Rudy, but it always wound up with the both of us laughing until our sides hurt!

How will I ever find all the little things in this house, that only you know where they are; I'm not real fond of the garbage & recycle detail & now I know why you helped me pick out that new handy dandy Little Giant ladder for the upcoming house projects so I would be safe. Thank you my Love, for 25-1/2 years of memories. I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!
From Dave Klega
Rudy was a true friend, a hard-working guy and extremely honest.  We were having our new house built, and Rudy’s job was to finish all the points on the final to-do list.  The company told him to skip over some of the points that we might not notice, but Rudy insisted on finishing every point on the list.  He told us he just couldn’t sign off on the list if he hadn’t finished it; he just wasn’t built that way.

From Barbara Birch
Rudy, to me, is the “Ultimate Daddy.”  I have always admired him for being the stay-at-home Dad who loved and nurtured baby Dana.  In the last few years, watching him play with Lucas felt like “déjà vu” and immediately took me back to those early years with Dana.  I especially loved hearing him talk about his grandchildren in such an understanding way.  He instinctively knew what children needed and was always there to give it – just so sensitive and caring (thoughtful too)

From Judy Crompton
Rudy was one of the kindest people I’ve known.  He was always ready to help anyone.  Rudy was a great guy; he was a great friend, grandfather and was very genuine.  I will miss him a lot.


Marcia Hamilton said...

I admired Rudy for several reasons: his easy going personality, sense of humor, and love for his family, but the memories of him that stand out most in my mind where his kind nature and the loving care he bestowed on Dana when she was young. He was so good with her and spent much quality time talking, listening and doing things with her. In later years, I know he enjoyed his other children as well and I can only imagine what a wonderful grandfather he must have been. I am so sorry he was taken from all of you at such a young age. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace my friend. Love, Marcia

Pat Noak said...

Rudy - It's been a couple of months now and I'm at work thinking about you - about how much you are missed here - by everyone - we still talk about you fondly and say things like "If Rudy were here ..." - there will never be another Rudy Ritz - Peace to you my friend - Pat

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